Chester Events

Thursday 10 December  2015

Outreach Committee 9:00 AM; CASP Committee meets at 10:00 AM

Chester County Youth Center

505 S Wawaset Rd,

West Chester, PA 19382


This meeting will be our holiday party meeting where we will celebrate the accomplishments of the CASP Committee. We have a strong plan for moving forward in 2016 including:

1) Staggered meeting times adding evening dates.

2) Youth attendance of meetings as we gear up for the first Youth and Law Enforcement Forum.

3) Attendance of meetings by the 6-8 identified municipalities whose RRI-Arrests are the greatest contributor to the Chester County numbers.

4) Planning of the first Youth and Law Enforcement Forum in Chester County.

***Our meetings are every 4th Thursday of the month at various locations throughout Chester County.***